About Society

The Jamai and Sambhali Sehkari Awas Samiti Ltd. is a Co-operative housing society registered on19/08/2006 with U. P. Housing Commission Lukhnow under the U P Cooperative Societies Act. This CGHS came in to existence through the hard efforts of Muslim Housing Welfare Society, which felt the need for an institution at the national level to address and coordinate shelter issues of Muslims in particular. it is expected that the society will be given the offer letter for Land within six months.

Muslim Housing society is a technical service Foundation whose activities are spread out nationally and the majority of the target comprises Middle-income groups. Housing cooperative societies are community-based organizations formed by citizens and act as vehicles for facilitating shelter development and improvement. These groups are managed through the internationally recognized cooperative principles.

Together with responding to the shelter requirements, Muslim Housing Society is making effort to contribute in improving the quality of life to the affiliates. This is done by disseminating relevant information plus improving the management and leadership skills, assists in enhancing efficiency and effectiveness as communities brace themselves towards poverty reduction.

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