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Sending or dispatching money to India for investment purpose is not difficult anymore. With the help of Money Exchange Service Providers you can send money directly into any bank account; track your status and make Pay Pal transfers. Most of these service providers offer 24x7 Customer Support and Mobile Alerts for your convenience.

Prominent Money Exchange Providers

Cash to India: One of the oldest and most trusted online money transfer service.
HSBC Bank: One of the most trusted banks is currently offering FREE Remittances from USA/Canada and NRI Savings Accounts and NRI Services are offered by HSBC India.

Travelers Express/Money Gram International: Offers money order, international money transfer, official check, bill payment, share draft and gift certificate programs.

Remit to India: A parallel service offered by the Times of Money

Times of Money: Money exchange service offered by the Times of India Group.

Western Union: A renowned money exchange service provider which has tied up with Indian Postal Service. They have thousands of location in every corner of the world and the money can be picked up anywhere. The only disadvantage is that it is quite expensive and there is a limit on the maximum amount transferable.

Some premier Banks also offer money exchange service such as:

  • UTI Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • State Bank of India: Remittance to India by using check or wire transfer.
  • ICICI Bank "Power Transfer"

Things to watch out for while transferring money:

  • Some online service providers will not refund your money in case of error, claiming inability to reconvert from rupees or other converted currency. Stay away from such service providers.
  • Not all service providers’ offer 24/7 customer service and most of them do not have the same level of efficiency when it comes to customer service.
  • Exchange Rates provided by service providers can vary.

There may be limits on maximum amount that can be transferred.

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